Monday, January 3, 2011

Caron Butler Injury

Caron Butler suffered a potentially serious knee injury this past weekend, that, if Dirk remains sidelined with a bad kneed, could send the Mavs into a further tailspin. With Butler out, the following players could see a boost in fantasy value:

Shawn Marion - Marion can slide over and play the 3 while Butler is sidelined. While he probably won't relive his fantasy glory days of the mid 2000's, he will be a strong contributor in blocks, steals, and rebounds if given more playing time.

DeShawn Stevenson - DeShawn has been starting at SG for the Mavs but only plays 15 minutes a game. Against the Cavs yesterday, he played 33 minutes and put up 21-3-4 with 5 3's. We'll see how the Mavs rotation plays out in the next few weeks, but Stevenson could be shooting a lot of 3's.

Dominique Jones - Jones was recalled from the D-League right after Butler went down. and should see a solid amount of playing time. He played 21 minutes last night and was able to take 10 shots. While there won't be as many shots for Marion, Stevenson, and Jones when Dirk comes back, all 3 should see an uptick in fantasy value.

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